Confirmed: West Coast to get Skyrim on 11/10

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Earlier today, the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim pre-load was made available for download and early install for PC gamers via Steam.  Those who pre-ordered the game can download and install the game on their computer early to ensure immediate access to Skyrim the second it unlocks on Steam.

Up until now, we haven't actually had a confirmation about when Skyrim will unlock on Steam for the various time zones.  After going back and forth and dealing with the hassle of wrong release times on Steam, Bethesda's Pete Hines has finally confirmed the actual unlock time for the United States.

"In the US it's 12:01 ET on Steam," Hines responded when asked about the unlock for each region.  Before this, there had been question as to whether the unlock will be local to each region or have one specific release time for each country.  Now it's official and it confirms earlier predictions.

Releasing at 12:01 ET on Steam means gamers on the West Coast will actually have access to Skyrim on November 10th!  The three hour difference makes it so Skyrim will unlock on November 10th, at 9:01 PM!


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