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Confirmed: Battlefield 4 has dinosaurs


Call of Duty may have dogs (and now aliens), but it looks like Battlefield 4 has dinosaurs. Continuing the running joke of these prehistoric animals in the Battlefield series, and lackthereof in Call of Duty, DICE has thrown in a little easter egg that fans (at least those on 4Chan) are sure to appreciate.

Spotted by Redditor Ggecko_Swe, you can clearly see a happy, little dinosaur toy swinging from the roof of the van. Why is this such a big deal? Well, it really isn't aside that it continues the joke that was started back in 2011 when DICE made fans aware they included a dinosaur in their trailer for Battlefield 3.

So, dinosaurs confirmed for Battlefield 4. Does this mean we'll get the long-awaited dino mode?

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