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Conan O'Brien shows off the new Call of Duty game


Conan O'Brien is a funny f**kin' guy.  If you think Leno is better then get the hell out of here.  Conan loves doing stuff with video games, like his sidekick Andy doing all the voices in Skyrim, or Gary Oldman showing how he did his voice acting in Call of Duty.  Now, Conan shows off some upcoming video games from some of the industry's biggest franchises.  Only the creative minds behind his late night show could come up with a Call of Duty  game where you dispose of teenage girls with insults.  I kid you not.

And with the NBA playoffs to start soon, why wouldn't EA Sports capitalize on the hype and release a new NBA game just in time.  So what if it only has white NBA players in it.  So what if they just sit on the bench and you control their body language. 

Anyways, the point is that Conan is awesome and you should watch this video.  Got any other game parody ideas?  Maybe a new entry in the Total War series?  Like Kony Total War?  Too soon?

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