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ComSat Reports Inbound Hostiles: The Arrival of the Vasari

November 2, 2007

ComSat Reports Inbound Hostiles: The Arrival of the Vasari

Sins of a Solar Empire Beta 4 Begins Today, Includes New Faction

Ten millennia have passed since you and the few survivors of the once mighty Vasari Empire fled from an unknown threat that all but exterminated your kind. You now find yourself at the fringe of the galaxy in a sector occupied by a pathetically primitive species - one obsessed with trade and lacking any central organization or military technology. Calling themselves the Trader Emergency Coalition, they would have been ideal slaves in the glorious days of the past, but time is of the essence. Use your mastery of phase-space manipulation, gravity and nanotechnology to quickly eliminate any local resistance and acquire the necessary resources to fuel the next segment of your continuing exodus. The following technologies and more will be at your disposal:

Jarrasul Evacuators: These behemoth ships house the majority of your remaining people and are equipped with numerous critical technologies including the ravaging Planet Resource Drain which can quickly suck resources out of a planet directly from orbit with devastating repercussions to anything on the surface.

Phase Missiles: Micro-phase technology is embedded into powerful warheads that allow the missiles to temporarily phase-out, bypass enemy shields and cause damage directly to the hull.

Gravity Warheads: Firing this device will increase the gravitational pull in a radius about the detonation point to such an extent that all phase-space operations will cease and sub-light travel speeds will be drastically reduced.

Phase Gates: Your advanced phase-tunneling knowledge allows you to construct structures that can bend the phase-space landscape at will into convergent and stable phase lanes between key gravitational sources, thus freeing you from the restrictive dependence on naturally occurring lanes.

To make use of these devastating weapons, you must dive headfirst into battle in Sins of a Solar Empire Beta 4, which launched today. Legions of TEC scum have previously secured their place in the beta by pre-ordering the game at; perhaps we should follow suit and reclaim our position at the top of the galactic food chain.

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