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Composer Garry Schyman returns for BioShock Infinite's original score


As one of the interactive medium’s foremost composers, Garry Schyman has written for film, television, and video games. His work for BioShock won him Best Original Score from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, Best Original Score from Spike TV’s Video Games Awards, Soundtrack of the Tear from G4 TV, and Music of the Year, Best Interactive Score, Best Original Instrumental, and Audio of the year from Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.).

Well guess what, he’s back. The BioShock Infinite sound track will include a completely original score by Mr. Schyman. This score will include solo string instruments, string ensembles, and experimental percussion. The music will consist of blends and themes from the early Twentieth Century setting as well as inspiration from the relationship between Booker and Elizabeth.

On this topic, Schyman commented:

"It doesn't get any better for a composer than to be able to score a game as remarkable as Bioshock Infinite. It provided a vast canvas filled with extraordinary and completely unique characters and situations that permitted me to be creative in ways that we composers usually only dream of. Much thanks goes to Ken Levine, James Bonney, and the entire team at Irrational for inventing such an astonishing world and then letting me write music for it!"

If BioShock Infinite is so insanely anticipated I’m going to go ahead and say so is the music. What’s an amazing world without a score to top it? AHH MARCH 26, WHY U NO COME SOONER!?

[Photo Cred: Gary Schyman]

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