Complete Madden NFL 13 player ratings revealed

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EA concluded their four week long process of revealing player overalls in Madden NFL 13 today with the release of not just defensive player ratings, but the entire roster in this year's Madden title.

While they've already revealed the top 10 defensive players, it's worth seeing at who ranks near the top of the list. Mario Williams, who was one of my biggest questions, ranks just short of the top 10, placing 11th in the rating list with 97 overall. Some other notable mentions in the 90-overall region includes NY Giants RE Jason Pierre-Paul (96 overall), Bears MLB Brian Urlacher (95 overall),  Broncos CB Champ Bailey (95 overall), and Ravens MLB Ray Lewis (94 overall). For the entire Defensive Player overall listing, download the PDF here.

Lastly, since today was the final day of player reveals, EA has also provided the complete ratings for all players in Madden NFL 13. You can see all the players and their complete ratings in every category here.

Is there anyone you feel EA shafted in the ratings or did EA did a good job with Madden NFL 13?

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