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Commander: Conquest of the Americas Prepares to Leave the Harbor


Paradox Interactive announced today that development on its upcoming naval strategy title, Commander: Conquest of the Americas, has completed and the pre-order has started on leading digital distribution outlets. As an exclusive bonus, pre-orders for the game will receive three extra ships, three new resources, seven new historical Commanders (one for each nation) and three new historical naval battles.

Developed by Nitro Games, Commander: Conquest of the Americas features elements from both trading and strategy games. Choosing from 7 different European factions, take charge of a European power aiming to conquer the New World. Found new colonies and manage their resources, production, military, and much more as they develop into a full blown empire. Choose to command ships in RTS fashion or take direct control as your fleet engages ships of an enemy nation or blood thirsty pirates.

Commander: Conquest of the Americas will be available for purchase through retail stores on July 30, 2010 and is now available as pre-order via digital distribution channels.

Steven Hopper
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