Commander Mode making a return in Battlefield 4?

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Promotional material for Battlefield 4 spotted at GameStop suggests the return of the fan-favorite Commander Mode, as well as the ability to play as up to three different factions in the game's multiplayer. YouTuber "luger700" filmed the promotional material direct from his local GameStop, which you can see below.

Although we're excited to see the return of Commander Mode, we're a little skeptical as to the legitimacy. It appears the info was printed directly on to the poster by a GameStop employee, rather than by EA or DICE. However, the employee assures he got the info direct "from EA." Take that for what it's worth...

Commander Mode was lasted featured in Battlefield 2 and although it was a highly requested feature for Battlefield 3, EA and DICE did not include it. The feature granted a small number of players with a top-down view of the battlefield, allowing for a more tactical decisions to be made on the battlefield.

Other Battlefield 4 notables from the poster include the three playable factions -- Russia, China, and the United States. It's assumed that these will be multiplayer only, as DICE has already confirmed the single-player story will have you control just one character. The poster also mentioned a $10 value for Battlefield 4's expansion, a $5 drop from Battlefield 3's expansion pack value.

Battlefield 4 is due out in fall 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. While I expect it will be available on next-gen platforms, pre-orders for the PS4 or yet-to-be-announced next Xbox are not yet being taken.

Battlefield 4 promotional art - Commander Mode


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