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Come see the three new League of Legends skins for Jinx, Thresh, and Viktor


For all you… umm… League of Legends Viktor players out there, you are definitely going to want to check out this new skin. Creator Viktor is red, dark, sinister, and sweeeet. Currently on the test server it is going for 1350 RP.

Creative Viktor

The previously announced Championship Thresh skin has been spotted at the price of 975 RP. I assume those attending the championships next weekend will receive it for free, but I can’t be certain.

Champ Thresh

Lastly, is the newest and not yet released, Jinx. Her Mafia skin is looking pretty sweet, sitting pretty at 975 RP. To see this bad boy in action, go HERE.

Mafia Jinx

As per usual, all these prices could be potentially changed by release and I wouldn’t expsect to see them live for quite a while. Until then, load up the test realm, buy them, get use to them, and put some play time on Jinx.  

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