Comcast and Microsoft team up to fix Xbox One Wi-Fi bug

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Everyone's two favorite companies, Microsoft and Comcast, are working together to resolve an issue where players are unable to play games over Wi-Fi for some Xbox One owners. The issue is with Comcast broadband internet service and a bug with IPv6 network addresses. 

Comcast posted a service advisory that reads, "Comcast and Microsoft are aware of a software issue affecting the ability of Xbox One users to play some games online. This issue is only observed when the Xbox One is connected to a network via WiFi and when that network also has an IPv6 address. In those conditions online gameplay for some titles may not work."

To immediately solve this issue for Xbox One users that are experiencing the problem, Comcast recommends that customers "connect their Xbox One using an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi."

Interestingly enough, Comcast's vice president of internet and communications engineering, Jason Livingood, said in a post on the DSLReports forums that "it is hit or miss what games it may affect."

Comcast and Microsoft are working together to fix the issue and Microsoft will release a software update sometime after the holidays that should resolve the issue. 

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