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Combat Arms Clan Matchmaking Being Implemented

April 7, 2010

Combat Arms Clan Matchmaking Being Implemented

No more scrambling to find competitive matches

Nexon has revealed to GameZone that they are set to launch a clan matchmaking system in the near future to allow players to participate in clan matches.

Recently, Nexon introduced the ability to invite individuals into specific clans and with more than 300,000 clans already created in Combat Arms, the matchmaking system is going to be a saving grace to players who didn’t want to waste their time finding matches.

The clan matchmaking system will allow for players to be matched up against players of equal skill levels to keep matches competitive.

Graham Kays, producer on Combat Arms, said, “We think it’s a great social tool to get people more knitted into the game.”

Making it easier on fans, while also delivering a complex system, Kays said, “We are trying to provide them the tools so they can have the more in-depth experience with the clan system.”

The clan matchmaking system wasn’t the only feature explored, Kays stated that they were considering a tournament mode, but as of right now, it’s far from becoming a reality.

If you missed it, you can check out GameZone’s full review of Combat Arms.

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