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Com2uS Roasts Up Sizzling Weiner Fun with Crazy Hotdogs Tailgate Party

December 1, 2008

Com2uS Roasts Up Sizzling Weiner Fun with Crazy Hotdogs Tailgate Party The real action's out in the parking lot in this mobile strategy game

Com2uS, a leading provider of mobile entertainment, today announced the launch of Crazy Hotdogs Tailgate Party, a time management-style strategy game for mobile devices. Crazy Hotdogs Tailgate Party captures all the flavor of America's favorite fall competitive sport: tailgating in the parking lot before the big game. Verizon customers can purchase the game by texting HOTDOG to GAME (4263).

A young man mysteriously receives an offer to earn $100,000 by cooking and selling hotdogs. Starting out at football tailgating parties, the player must satisfy a cast of demanding customers and add to his menu of wacky dogs to build his business, reach the goal of becoming a hotdog tycoon, and discover who is behind the puzzling test of wits and skill.

Game features

  • Intuitive controls and addictive game play, appealing to casual and hardcore gamers alike

  • Engaging storyline

  • Delicious look and sound of cooking hotdogs on the grill

  • Ten different customers with a range of traits and reactions

  • Two game play modes: Mission and Free Modes

  • Each stage features missions and more money in the bank

The game is available now for Verizon devices across North America, and is expected to launch for the iPhone and iPod in December 2008 and on AT&T and T-mobile US in January 2009.

Click here to download the Crazy Hotdogs Tailgate Party trailer

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