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Color Your Hero to Success in Crayola Colorful Journey

April 1, 2009

Color Your Hero to Success in Crayola Colorful Journey

Crave Entertainment Ships New Puzzle Adventure for Wii

Crave Entertainment today announced it is shipping Crayola Colorful Journey for Wii. In Crayola Colorful Journey, players must use the creativity tools at hand to solve puzzles and help their character complete the quest. With no correct solutions, Crayola Colorful Journey encourages players to come up with imaginative ways to complete each puzzle.

"Crayola Colorful Journey offers an intriguing challenge for kids of all ages," says David Burchi, Senior VP of Content and Strategic Development of Crave Entertainment. "With no 'right' way to solve each puzzle, players have to use their imaginations. No two solutions will be exactly the same, offering endless replayability and opportunities to try out different ideas."

Crayola Colorful Journey is an adventure game set in a 3D world that encourages imagination and creativity in problem solving using diverse and flexible game mechanics. Players transform the Wii Remote into crayons, erasers and more to create objects the characters can use. With several possible solutions, players are challenged to find their own answer to each puzzle. Bringing a virtual coloring book to life, the game transports players into a world where they take on the role of either Fillup or Violet on a quest across Crayola Land, visiting multiple environments over several levels. Spot, the Jack Russell Terrier puppy, tags along as helpful guide and companion.

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