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Codeminion Releases More Information for Ancient Quest of Saqqarah

April 23, 2008

Codeminion Releases More Information for Ancient Quest of Saqqarah

About a week from revealing Saqqarah – their secret project, Codeminion released more information and media from the game on The developers revealed more details about the promised variety and length. They also provided first samples of the game’s music and voice-overs.

Click here to download the new music samples from Ancient Quest of Saqqarah.

“In Saqqara, the player will discover a mysterious underground oasis where she or he will be tasked with a quest to restore temples of the Egyptian gods. Each temple will provide a different type of puzzle challenge. Some of them will be well familiar to the casual players, while others were never seen before. They all share some core features and goals, but provide completely different pace and game mechanics” describes Tom Grochowiak, designer at Codeminion. The developers haven’t revealed the exact amount of temples or the total amount of hours needed to complete the game.

Studio representatives also provided more information on the game’s audiovisuals. Maciej Biedrzycki, game programmer, musician and Codeminion’s co-owner says: “We really tried our best to get the production value to the highest level. Saqqarah features graphics rarely seen on this market and puts much more emphasis on soundtrack than the competition. It will feature over 25 music tracks, many from the same people who worked on The Witcher soundtrack. The game’s story will be voiced and among many actors the main character will feature the voice of Michael McConnohie, known from core titles such as Diablo2 or WoW”. Samples of music and voice recordings are available for listening and download from the game’s website.

Game’s exact launch date is still unannounced, but the developers promised to reveal more information and media in the upcoming weeks.

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