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Codemasters Today Announced Emergency Mayhem

December 19, 2007


Duck for Cover as Codemasters Puts Players in Charge of the Emergency Services in the Most Accident-Prone City of All Time!

Set to put the "urgency" into "emergency," Codemasters today announced Emergency Mayhem  exclusively for the Nintendo Wii

Coming Q2 2008, Emergency Mayhem puts the player at the helm of the three emergency services in a frantic race against time to hold together Crisis City, a mad metropolis falling apart at the seams.

Combining chaotic driving sequences with arcade mini-games, you'll be in stitches controlling the frenzied police, fire service or paramedics as they dash around the city from one emergency situation to the next. With over 30 missions, it's a non-stop time crisis where you'll be rescuing people from burning buildings, defusing bombs and more.

However, in this city, the emergencies are of a decidedly slapstick nature. Crazy situations will have you hurling bananas at out-of-control monkeys, using a trampoline to bounce escaping prisoners back into custody and herding penguins to safety with hilarious consequences.

In Emergency Mayhem, time is your enemy, relentlessly counting down as you take charge of a fire truck, ambulance, or police car to speed through the city's eight different districts to the next emergency. Have you got the nerves necessary to beat the clock and save the city? Find shortcuts by making use of the city's underground railways lines and even sewers to get there on time and save the day!

When you reach the scene of the emergency play switches to one of over 30 mini-games, which take unique advantage of the Wii  remote to solve crazy crises. Using the Wii  remote, you'll have to pump the trigger to practice CPR, point it to direct water from a powerful hose, mimic a wrench to bring bursting water-hydrants under control and aim it to fire tranquilizer darts into on-the-rampage monkeys!

Get ready to put down those monkeys and put on the uniform in Q2 2008 when Codemasters launches Emergency Mayhem for the Wii  to the sound of sirens! If in urgent need of emergency assistance please visit  for more information.

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