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Codemasters Debuts New Rise of the Argonauts Trailer

June 16, 2008

Codemasters Debuts New Rise of the Argonauts Trailer

Rise of the Argonauts' CGI trailer now available for download

Revealing an epic story of heroic deeds, brutal combat and lost love, Codemasters today released the CGI trailer video for Rise of the Argonauts, the epic action RPG from Liquid Entertainment coming this autumn for the Xbox 360, the PLAYSTATION 3 and Games For Windows in Fall 2008. Produced using rendered footage created from in-game models, the trailer is now available to view and download from the game's new online space at

Click here to download the new Rise of the Argonauts trailer.

Inspired by the greatest Greek myths and legends, Rise of the Argonauts will enable players to live a hero's life, fight a hero's fight and sculpt a hero's legacy. With a distinctive blend of epic narrative and brutal real-time combat, players will be immersed in a story of lost love and a quest for personal vengeance in world of gods, kings, magic and awe-inspiring mythical beasts.

Embarking on a quest to find the Golden Fleece and revive his beloved slain wife, Jason and his trusted band of Argonauts explore the vast Aegean - a dynamic world of luscious islands, shining cities, verdant jungles and deep forests - in a vibrant realization of ancient Greece. As Jason, players will carve a unique journey through the game world as their choices incur the god's wrath or favor, shape the plot, change the outcome of each quest and open up new story arcs.

"We want players to be completely immersed in Jason's epic adventure, to feel like they are Jason and to connect with him in a tangible way," commented Ed Del Castillo, President of Liquid Entertainment. "By revolutionizing the action RPG with a slick, exhilarating combat system, drawing upon rich stories and profound characters from classical literature and removing invasive health bars and stop-start menu systems, players are visually and emotionally absorbed into the game world. The result is an RPG experience that is much more captivating, enthralling and ultimately, entertaining."

An action RPG unlike any other, Rise of the Argonauts' intuitive real-time combat dispenses with cumbersome menu systems that have become intrusive staples within the genre, providing seamless, spectacular battles. As a true weapons master, Jason has instant access to any of the four upgradable weapons he carries with him at all times; shield, mace, sword and lance. Switching weapons mid-fight at the touch of a button, players can string together stunning and deadly combos, taking out enemies in a blur of cold steel and crimson blood.

Mixing deep exploration, grand-scale quests and gladiatorial combat in a story powered by the timeless motives of love and vengeance, Rise of the Argonauts is coming this Fall for the Xbox 360, the PLAYSTATION 3 and Games For Windows. For an introduction to ancient Greece and to catch the new trailer video, head over to the new website at

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