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CoD MW3 Is "Not The Knifing Fest It Was In Modern Warfare 2"


I never understood how in the Call of Duty games a gun could take anywhere from 1 to 5 shots to kill a person, while a simple knife swipe would be an instant kill.  It was so ridiculously overpowered in CoD Modern Warfare 2 that people would simply forget about using guns, equip the lightweight and commando perks, and simply run around knifing people.

In an interview with mw3nation, Infinity Ward's Executive Producer Mark Rubin addressed the new knifing changes in Modern Warfare 3.

"We have paired it down significantly from the last game.  It's not the knifing fest it was in Modern Warfare 2," explained Rubin.  "There is no lightweight and no commando perks. Knifing now is more if you come around the corner you can tag a guy really fast, or you can sneak up behind and finish him that way."

Rubin even went so far as to admit, "I'm not a fan of knifing." You know when the executive producer hates something it has to be changed.  Unfortunately, "as for a new mechanic, it has been talked about but we never got that far enough into a good solution to replace it.  That is really where we are at."

I was really hoping Infinity Ward would address the issue and revamp the entire system completely.  I don't see how this will prevent players from abusing the knight.

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