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CoD Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Proficiencies Detailed


Activision has released an all-new behind the scenes multiplayer video for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  In the new video, the CoD dev team discusses the new progression system designed to improve specific weapon leveling unlocks, and features the new weapon proficiences.  As explained in the video below, proficiencies allow players to specialize their weapon with new attributes, some unique to specific weapon classes.

Activision has given every weapon an experience bar, so that you now level up your weapons as well as your player.  Leveling your weapon unlocks your usual attachments, camos, etc., but also unlocks "weapon proficiencies". 

Proficiencies allow you to get better with the weapon of choice through practice with that weapon.  These weapon enhancements are geared towards a certain playstyle.  The great thing about this is they may help you overcome certain weaknesses in your playstyle.  If you struggle with weapon kickback, you can choose "Reduced Kick" proficiency. 

These proficiencies may come off as catering to newer players, but as discussed in the video, I think it will help those adapt their favorite weapons to maps where it may not be best suited.

Aside from the new proficiencies, do the new weapons have you excited?  I'm personally a fan of the the portable anti-grenade, anti-rpg turret.  No more noobtoobs!

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