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Cobalt Now Available for Download in Alpha Phase


Mojang's next hopeful big-hit Cobalt released today in its Alpha phase.  Following the similar release format that Minecraft had, Cobalt will be discounted 50% during this Alpha phase, followed by a 25% discount during Beta, before it increases to its full price at $26.

Developed by Oxeye Game Studio - Daniel “thewreck” Brynolf, Jens “jeb” Bergensten and Pontus “kinten” Hammarberg - Cobalt is Mojang's first third-party published game.

As for the actual game, "Cobalt is an awesome platform game featuring several game modes in both local multiplayer and in singleplayer. Cobalt comes with a game editor where players can create their own maps and adventures. Cobalt is ALSO a platform game engine that can be used to create new modes or completely new games."

With that being said, Cobalt in Alpha is far different then what the final product will be.  So what will you get when you pre-order the game?

The first alpha release includes two hot-seat versus game modes (capture the plug and death match) and a co-op game mode (survival). It will introduce the singplayer/co-op main campaign, introduce the level editor, and include local multiplayer limited only by the number of USB-controllers you can fit into your computer.

"Our development philosophy is to keep it simple and manageable by being a relatively small team. That is why the alpha will be limited to the features we know are reasonably stable. This will help to keep development focused which in turn will help us update the game more often," the developement team explained on the Oxeye site.

As for the future of the game, the official Cobalt site lists future goals associated with the different phases of production. 

Beta will hopefully feature a fully functional level editor, in-game level sharing, more editors, a more in-depth singleplayer/co-op main campaign, and support for the game on Mac OS X and Linux.  Currently, the game is only available for Windows.  In the Beta phase, it will cost 14.95€.

Following the Beta phase, Cobalt will enter the Gold phase which will have fully functional editors, in-game level sharing, a completed main campaign, and local multiplayer.  This phase will cost 19.95€.

"Our vision for Cobalt is to expand on the in-game editor to the point where the player can create everything from single maps to whole campaigns from scratch, including adding their own units and characters and finally being able to share their creations with the community from within the game."

"Meanwhile, the development team will continue adding their own maps and game modes to the game as well as continue work on the main campaign."

For more information, and download client, visit the official game site at or the official development site at

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