Club soccer jerseys, items now available for your Xbox Live Avatar

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For most Americans, a football conversation today may include talks on the upcoming NFL draft, but for the rest of the world, football (or futbol) is in full swing with the likes of Manchester United, Barcelona, and AC Milan battling it for their respected divisional championships. These club teams have been presenting thrilling soccer play for the past few months, and despite the harsh winter overseas, the crowds have been just as ecstatic. Whether or not you're from America or the rest of the world, you can now show of your team's colors with the official Club Football Collection via the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace.

The collection boasts over four dozen items, ranging in price from 160 MSP to 400 MSP. The items include team jerseys, uniforms, balls, and much more. Below is a small sample of the entire collection: 

You can view the entire Club Football Collection, and download items directly to your Xbox 360 by clicking here

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