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Cloudbuilt is a cross between Borderlands and Mirror's Edge


Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford might be "astonished" that no one has copied Borderlands, but the third-person parkour game Cloudbuilt borrows the same cel-shaded flavor.

As "a child of the 8-bit era's action platformers and today's third-person shooters," Cloudbuilt, from indie developer Coilworks, bridges the styles of Borderlands and Mirror's Edge.

According to Coilworks, "Cloudbuilt seamlessly combines old-school moves like dash, double jumping and charge beams with modern moves like rocket jumping, wall running, and and strafe-dodging."

The game is entirely skill-based, opening up all abilities from the start and challenging players to "use what you've learned in creative ways.

"Freedom and experimentation is another central theme," said Coilworks. "In Cloudbuilt, there isn't one predetermined correct path that you must take through a level. There are paths that are more obvious, but for the attentive players there's also the possibility to carve their own path. In a level there are usually multiple ways to pass an obstacle, and possibly some that we don't know of yet."

Cloudbuilt follows an injured war vet who has been "repaired," tracing "her mental process from confused to reaching a conclusion."

The developer has yet to announce a release date, but you can visit its Indie DB page for updates.

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