Cliff Bleszinski teases third image from mysterious new IP

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And the tease continues. We know very little of Cliff Bleszinski's new project, he definitely has us on the edge of our seat with these darn images. For the third time this month, Cliffy B has released an image for what has been reported as a new IP from the Gears of War creator.

The new image, released today, is a cropped picture of a city being ravaged by a terrifying lightning storm. It seems to follow the same overall tone of the previous two images -- a seemingly futuristic world decimated by storms and flooding.

The image was posted today with only this caption: "Here's another cropped picture from something I'm working on."

Whereas the first image appeared to take place in a flooded desert canyon, this one seems to be in a more urban environment, with some speculating that the viewpoint could be from behind the iconic Hollywood sign. The second image showed seemed to show off more of the overall culture of this futuristic world: giant basketball players with mechanized enhancements like jetpacks and bionic legs.

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