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Cliff Bleszinski's 'Project Bluestreak' details coming tomorrow; not a Jazz Jackrabbit reboot


There's a lot of anticipation surrounding the upcoming reveal of Cliff Bleszinski's new mysterious project, but one thing we know for sure is that it won't be a reboot of the 1990s side-scroller Jazz Jackrabbit series. When asked by a fan on Twitter if it would be, Cliffy B said, "Dude, [Epic Games] owns that. Wish people understood that."

"I'm making a whole new thing," he said in another tweet.

At this point details surrounding the new project -- presumably codenamed "Project Bluestreak" -- from his studio BossKey Productions are virtually nonexistent, but that could change tomorrow. The official Twitter account for Bluestreak tells us that "More details [are] coming tomorrow." Meanwhile, a countdown clock posted by Bleszinski last week indicates that an announcement could be made at around 12 noon EDT.

Cliff Bleszinski announced his return to game to video game development last week. Bleszinski, who became somewhat of a rockstar in the gaming industry during his time at Epic Games, first announced his departure from the company back in October 2012. Cliffy B, as he's popular referred to as, was still vocal about the gaming industry (especially on Twitter and his personal blog), and even posted a few concept art images in the past. I wonder if those are related to this new project.

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