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Cliff Bleszinski releases a second screenshot for his unannounced new IP


What’s Cliff Bleszinski up to?

For many, this is the big question right now. Bleszinski, who left EPIC Games, Gears of War last October, teased the first screenshot from his yet-announced new IP two weeks ago – an image that depicted a soldier standing amidst an open canyon with turrents overhead in the backdrop – and has now lifted the curtain on a second screenshot.

The latest screen is immensely different from the first. No soldiers, no canyon and no turrents. Instead: basketball players, short referees, jetpacks and bionic legs. The image itself can be seen below:

Bleszinski new IP

If this screen does anything, it articulates the opening question to this article. So we turn to you, our readers; what’s Mr. Bleszinski up to? Give us your best guesses below in the comments.

Source: [Twitter – Cliff Bleszinski]

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