Cliff Bleszinski on the Mass Effect 3 Predemo

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We know Cliff Bleszinski as the Gears of War lead designer, but recently we played through the Mass Effect 3 predemo.  From the clip, shown below, Cliff claims that the predemo is “beautiful, Bioware is really stepping it up a notch” on the final installment of the series.  He claims that the shooting is better than ever and it’s one of the better shooter RPG games that he’s ever played.  Bleszinski says he always takes the ‘good’ path in ME games as a karmic boost for the bad things he does in real life.  He continues with, “Commander Shepard is one of the most ironic characters in video game history.”  This statement alone incases his love for the Mass Effect series.  If you’re worried for the future of Earth, Cliff Bleszinski has promised us all (as Commander Shepard) that he will save every last one of us.  Phew.


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