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CLG Prime faces off against Curse Gaming tonight on League of Legends MLG Prizefights

exquantic vs curse mlg prizefights

UPDATE 12:41pm ET: Tonight's match has been changed from CLG Prime vs Curse to Ex-Quantic vs Curse. From what I've found, Ex-Quantic's roster should look like this:

  • Yazuki - Top
  • Nientonsoh - AP
  • Hai - Jungle
  • WildTurtle - Ad
  • LemonNation - Support

I've watch WildTurtle and Hai play a lot in matches on Chaox's stream, but I don't know a ton about the other three. The match will be at the same time -- 8pm ET/5pm PT.

Tonight at 8pm ET/5pm PT, Major League Gaming programming has two League of Legends powerhouses facing off in their League of Legends: MLG Prizefights. Counter Logic Gaming North America (CLG Prime) is facing off against Curse Gaming. Currently, CLG's roster looks like this:

  • HotshotGG - Top
  • Bigfatlp - AP
  • Chauster - Jungle
  • Doublelift - AD

Locodoco was their support player, but he recently left the team. They're holding tryouts to find a new support player, and the popular choice amoung CLG Prime players and fans of theirs seems to be Aphromoo -- currently the AD for Fear. As of now, Nhat Nguyen is their temporary substitute in the MLG Prizefights.

Curse Gaming's roster is:

  • Voyboy - Top
  • Nyjacky - AP
  • Saintvicious - Jungle
  • Cop - AD
  • Elementz - Support

The rest of the week, MLG is having their League of Legends: Season 3 Qualifier. The top three teams will earn all expenses paid trips to compete at Riot's Season 3 Qualifier in Los Angeles in January, where they will battle for spots in Season 3. The final competitions are Thursday and Friday, with MLG's programming schedule as:

Thursday, 12/20

5pm ET     MLGSC2 - StarCraft II: Rules of Engagement with Axslav

6pm ET     MLGSC2 - StarCraft II: Tournament of Champions – Final – Rain vs. winner of Soo vs. Parting

8pm ET     MLGLOL - League of Legends: Season 3 Qualifier – RQ Ro4 #2 – Winner Qualifies for LA

Friday, 12/21

6pm ET     MLGHALO - Halo 4: Community gameplay

7pm ET     MLGCOD - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: Community gameplay

8pm ET     MLGLOL - League of Legends: Season 3 Qualifier – RQ 3rd Place – Winner Qualifies for LA

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