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Classic NBA Jam Hits iPad


The arcade version of NBA Jam that ate so many gamers' quarters back in the 90s is getting ported to the iPad. This turnout certainly spells good news for fans of the classic game who don't care about little things such as joysticks and don't mind saving a couple thousand bucks to buy an arcade machine. It's also a pretty sweet download for anyone who loves basketball games but is hardly ever home to play on an actual console.

The port features 30 teams, a season mode, exhibition, and some cool retro commentary. Additionally, there are some modern features such as WiFi multiplayer, connectivity between the iPad and iPhone versions, and extra challenges. EA is definitely mixing old and new elements to please fans of both classic and modern eras.

Though no details have been made clear, EA has made cryptic statements saying that a few secret iOS-exclusive characters will be coming to the game. This news is intriguing, to say the least, and it's going to be fun seeing which characters make the cut. Here's hoping the commentator makes it to the roster. I always get a kick out of witty remarks delivered while they're on the court or field.

If you want to play some retro basketball and consider yourself a fan of iPad games, be sure to check out NBA Jam. The game is currently available, and it's priced at $9.99. Oh, and just for the heck of it: Boom-Shakalaka!

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