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Classic Game Developers Hitch a Ride on the i-way

November 24, 2008

Classic Game Developers Hitch a Ride on the i-way

Via Skyworks Interactive, creators of classic Atari-era favorites release “Arcade Hoops” for the iPhone and iPod touch

Who but the youngest among us doesn’t recall whiling away hours on their Atari machine playing classic games like Pitfall, Decathlon or Donkey Kong? These games were easy to pick up, yet incredibly challenging, addictive, and above all fun. Now, two of the superstar designers of the Classic Game era are setting their sights on the iPhone and iPod touch, with the launch of Arcade Hoops.

David Crane and Garry Kitchen, classic game legends and co-founders of Activision and Absolute Entertainment (respectively), gave many of us our first introduction to video games with classic Atari 2600 titles like Pitfall, Donkey Kong, Keystone Kapers, and Decathlon. Now they are putting their skills to work at Skyworks Interactive, a leading developer of casual games (and the company behind the ESPN Arcade). The latest platform to benefit from their handiwork is the iPhone/iPod touch, with the release of Arcade Hoops. Arcade Hoops, a high speed simulation of the familiar arcade machine, challenges players to see how many baskets they can sink in 45 seconds.

Life-like physics, realistic 3D graphics and a choice of three high energy soundtracks accompany the action – for the most fun humanly possible in under a minute. And as if that weren’t enough, an advanced Progressive level features a moving basket and a chance to score even more points.

“Arcade Hoops was a true collaboration between David and myself. David developed the original game for the web and was the obvious choice to bring it over to the iPhone. But with David busy on other top secret projects I couldn’t wait any longer so I adapted it to the iPhone platform myself,” said Garry Kitchen, Arcade Hoops programmer and Skyworks COO. “We hope the audience will find Arcade Hoops to be at least as irresistible as any of our classic games.”

Arcade Hoops is just the first of a series of iPhone and iPod touch games planned from Skyworks. Several more will follow by year end, all promising the type of realistic and fast paced action that will set a new standard for iPhone and iPod touch games.

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