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Class of Heroes Blog Entry #5: "Meet the Faculty"

June 9, 2009

Class of Heroes Blog Entry #5: "Meet the Faculty"

In this, the fifth entry of the official Class of Heroes blog, lead editor Scott Strichart merrily introduces you to the teaching staff of Particus Academy, the very people (and non-humans) that will teach and test you over the course of your dungeon RPG schooling. Project lead Sam Mullen also answers a ton MORE of your very specific questions at the end, so don't forget to scroll down.

Scott: "In a game with such deep gameplay elements, things like plot and characters can sometimes take a backseat to all the treasure plundering and monster bashing that goes on inside the dungeons. But Class of Heroes actually has a plot to unravel and a lot of zany characters who really bring the world to life. I know it's kind of counter-intuitive for people to want to get to know their teachers - but in this case, that's half the fun." Click here to view Blog #5 - Meet the Faculty!

Class of Heroes released this week!!

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