Clash of Heroes marches onto mobile this month

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The excellent strategy-puzzle game Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes is making its way to mobile devices on January 24.

Capybara Games' illustrated title has found homes on consoles, PC, and the DS. So if it works on Nintendo's last-generation touch-screen handheld, then it's a natural fit for mobile as well.

At least, it is on paper. The new horizontal orientation of the screen — compared with the DS's vertical set-up — could give players problems with control precision and scale, according to Joystiq

Clash of Heroes is coming to iPhone and Android. The game will cost $4.99. It will launch first for iOS, with an Android release following soon after.

The mobile game is based on the high-definition version of the game. Players match at least three fighters vertically to attack or horizontally to defend.

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