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As expected, SuperCell has released the highly anticipated Clash of Clans update for both iOS and Android devices. SuperCell has been teasing the new features and additions leading up to today's release but just in case you missed it, here's a brief rundown of the new things you can expect when logging in.

In addition to new features, the update includes interface improvements and balance tweaks. Here are some of the patch notes:

Interface Improvements

  • Chat is now available even when away from your village, such as when visiting and watching replays
  • Army Camps, the Spell Factory and Clan Castle now display used capacity next to their name when they are selected.
  • Friends List has been moved to the Leaderboard menu, on the last tab, replacing the Search Clans tab (Search Clans is still available from the Clan Castle menu).
  • Rage Spell info now correctly indicates damage percentage increase (e.g. 30% instead of 130%).
  • Obstacles can now be cleared in edit mode. (Yay!)

Balance Tweaks

  • Decreased the upgrade cost and time of Freeze Spell levels 3 and 4.
  • Decreased Rage Spell level 5 damage bonus from 80% to 70%.
  • Increased Hog Rider training cost by about 30% on all levels.
  • Increased Valkyrie hitpoints by about 20% on all levels.
  • Increased Pekka hitpoints from 3400 to 3500 on level 3 and from 3800 to 4000 on level 4.

Unfortunately, SuperCell has had to temporarily disable the Gem Bux due to a problem, but assures us that "trees and bushes will still give more Gems than before." Having already booted up the game, I can confirm that removing a tree rewarded us with five gems. And a clanmate of ours received six gems, so there's definitely an improvement there.

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