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Clash of Clans: Supercell 'actively investigating' Clan Wars bugs


Since Supercell, earlier this week, pushed live an update that enabled Clan Wars, Clash of Clans has been riddled with bugs and glitches. While it's the feature we've all been waiting for, it's certainly not the launch we'd hoped for. But don't worry, because Supercell is "actively investing" the bugs players have been reporting. 

"Chief! We’re aware of all the issues affecting your villages and we’re actively investigating these bugs to see what went wrong," Supercell said in an update. "We will not rest until a solution is found! Thanks for bearing with us - we’ll keep everyone posted!"

Though they didn't go as far to post what exactly they were looking into, previously reported issues include Clan Chat lagging or posts not appearing, blank Clan War maps and lengthy wait times for matchmaking (up to 60 minutes for finding a match in some cases).

Yesterday, Supercell released a small update aimed at fixing players stuck on the Preparation Day screen during a clan war. Though ours went to the Battle day, there was considerable lag in between scouting and attacking. I was eventually able to attack, but others in the clan have been reporting similar issues.

Either way, be on the look out for more updates as the day progresses. We'll be sure to let you know when a new fix arrives.

[Clash of Clans]

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