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Clash of Clans sneak peek: Clan Wars live replay & level 5 P.E.K.K.A.


It looks like the update for Clash of Clans isn't quite ready yet, as Supercell used today to reveal another new feature: live Clan Wars streaming.

Though details are slim, Supercell teased that after the update you will be able to watch "a live replay of the battle as it happens." Currently, clan members are able to watch replays of Clan War battles after they occur, but it looks like you'll now be able to watch them as they unfold.

The update will also expand the allowable length of messages to clan members. "Clan mail messages can now be twice as long," Supercell said in the forums.

On Sunday, Supercell teased two additional changes: level 5 P.E.K.K.A and hog riders will now take increased damage from Giant Bombs. Previously revealed features in the upcoming update include Jump Spell level 3, Hidden Tesla Level 8, and an improved Valkyrie.

Now I know the big question you want answered: when will the update actually release? According to Supercell, they have one more sneak peek planned for tomorrow and then I'm assuming the update will be released on Wednesday.

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