Clash of Clans Clan Wars suffers with matchmaking; Supercell looking into issues

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Yesterday, the highly anticipated Clan Wars feature went live in Clash of Clans, though it's probably not the launch Supercell , or players, had hoped for. As noted over on the official Clash of Clans Facebook page, Clan Wars has been marred by bugs and glitches. Fans have noted problems like Clan Chat lagging or posts not appearing, blank Clan War maps and extremely lengthy wait times in finding a match. Others have noted that clanmates can't request troops.

Supercell has at least issued a statement, assuring players they are looking into the issues and working on fixes. "The Clash team is working hard to get things running smoothly," the developer said.

"Oh, and no need to cancel matchmaking to keep playing, just use that little red X button instead."

Supercell said it could take up to 60 minutes for matchmaking and players should not cancel it. The good news is that while it is searching for a match, players are not required to stay on the matchmaking screen. You can even log out of the game and a match will still be found. On average, it takes five to ten minutes to find a clan match.

Other issues Supercell is looking into include:

  •  Clan Chat issues
  •  General lag
  •  Donation issues

Most of the problems, Supercell says, are "mainly due to server load."

Check out the full Clan Wars Update patch notes here.

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