Clash of Clans Clan Wars is finally working as intended

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It was a rough start, but Clan Wars functionality is now working properly in Clash of Clans -- at least from my own experience. The Clan Wars update first rolled out last week adding the ability for an entire clan to go to war with another clan. Unfortunately, it's launch was riddled with bugs and glitches preventing players from scouting, clan chatting, finding a match, or even getting past the Preparation Day screen. 

If my game is any indication, it looks like those problems are now a thing of the past. So far, my clan has been able to go to war on three separate occasions without so much of a hiccup in gameplay. I also want to add that we're 3-0 so far, so bring it!


For an entire explanation of the Clan Wars system, check out our overview page which outlines how to start a clan war and what to do during the Preparation Day and Battle Day.

Have you been experiencing any problems with Clash of Clans or Clan Wars lately?

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