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Civilization 5: Gods & Kings expansion announced for June 19th


That’s right, it’s time to stop waiting in the dark about just when Civilization V’s first expansion release date.  2K Games announced earlier today that the release date for Gods & Kings will be June 19th of this year.  Yay.  Sure, that may be a bit more than two more months but knowing a date is always better than being left unknowing.

Look to Gods & Kings for diplomacy and espionage.  If the sneaky route isn’t to your liking, how about religion?  That’s a good one.  In this expansion you can customize your very own pantheon and have your civilization develop a perfectly fitting religion to your liking; theocracy anyone?  I think so.

Among those features you can also look forward too:

  • 9 new civilizations
  • 9 new wonders of the world
  • 3 new scenarios
  • 27 new units
  • 13 new buildings
  • New technology
  • New resources
  • 2 new city state types
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