Civilization 5: Brave New World is mixing things up in the policies and ideologies department

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Is your culture the envy of the modern world? Do other civilizations look at you in awe? Are you everything they want to be? Are you everything they want to stop? In Civilization 5’s new expansion, Brave New World, more of these strategies will come into play. This means alterations to the previous policies and even the introduction of some new ones. The 'Aesthetics' policy will focus primarily on culture and the dominating force it now is.

The three policies in Brave New World are autocracy, freedom, and order. You only choose one and it grants you unique abilities and the option to build one ideology specific wonder. This choice will also affect how other civs will view you for the rest of the game. On top of all that, three new levels of tenets can be chosen to make that stuff making you better even better. This all falls into the greater culture arch in Civ 5 now.

Check out for this new video below and get excited for the expansions release July 9th. 

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