City of Heroes Going Rogue - Mother Mayhem And The Seers

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Paragon Studios and NCSoft have posted new information about City of Heroes: Going Rogue on, regarding Mother Mayhem and the Seers.

Praetor Tilman (a.k.a. Mother Mayhem), is Emperor Cole's personal advisor. She truly loves Praetoria, and will go to any lengths to preserve harmony. With her immense psychic powers, she uncovers traitors and enemies who threaten the peace in Praetoria. The Seers are Mother Mayhem's greatest contribution to Praetoria, a network of powerful psychics who monitor the thoughts of the citizens to stop them from committing crimes. City of Heroes: Going Rogue adds the Rogue and Vigilante game alignments, enabling you to explore the shades of grey that lie between Heroes and Villains. For the first time in any super-powered MMOG, your character's moral choices affect gameplay and determine your character's ultimate destiny.

Steven Hopper
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