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City of Heroes Goes Rogue Today


NCsoft and Paragon Studios have launched their latest full expansion for their superhero MMO, City of Heroes. City of Heroes: Going Rogue is the first proper expansion to the game since City of Villains launched nearly five years ago.

The new expansion introduces two new alignments to the games Good/Evil system, Rogue and Vigilante, effectively allowing players to explore the gray area of being a superpower-imbued character in the game’s universe.

“We constantly seek to innovate and improve upon what has already been done in the MMO genre, and Going Rogue’s alignment system offers complex moral choices in an online world where decisions can permanently alter the course of a character. It’s a new level of customization and storytelling that we’re proud to offer to our players,” said Melissa Bianco, Lead Designer, City of Heroes. “Along with the alignment system, new and existing players will find themselves exploring a visually stunning game environment that leverages our recently revamped Ultra Mode graphics engine to create the ‘paradise’ that is Praetoria.”

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