City of Heroes might rise from the ashes with City of Titans

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Miss the days where you used to don your tights and cape in City of Heroes? Retirement not what you thought it would be after saving the citizens of Paragon City all those times? If you're like one of the many former City of Heroes players that have felt lost since the game closed down, there's hope!

There is a Kickstarter campaign for a game called City of Titans. A spiritual successor to City of HeroesCity of Titans is a superhero MMORPG, and is actually being developed by Missing Worlds Media -- a team of over 100 developers that used to play City of Heroes that's volunteering to bring this game to life. Through the Phoenix Project, Missing Worlds Media hopes to reach their goal of $320,000.

Like other superhero MMOs, character creation is a very important part of the process. City of Heroes had one of the best character creators I've ever played with. Thankfully, the dev team understands the importance of options. 

The Kickstarter campaign reads, "Players will find their choices built around a flexible framework. Instead of the typical class-based system found in some games, or the skill based system found in others, our focus has been on attitudes. How do you want to do, what you want to do? Pick that, and we give you all the powers we can. Players pick a primary power, with that power determining the options available for their secondary powers. Then as you progress, and level up, you grow these powers as well as gain new ones. And even further, we let you customize those powers with a signature style, your Mastery, that enhances and alters how all your powers behave.

"That approach, a flexible framework, is how we approached most design decisions. Powers are split into effect and animation, allowing us to mix and match to offer more to the player. You pick 'Fireball.' You then pick how you want to throw this fireball, from the hand, mouth, a wand, or a 12-gauge shotgun. Same power, different look, all through the framework designed with our custom Socket System. Even two people with optic blasts can have their own unique look, depending on the powers chosen, the colors selected, the effects added and the animations picked for the power."

City of Titans certainly sounds ambitious, so I'm surprised that their goal is so low. This free-to-play MMO that uses a non-pay-to-win cash shop has a goal of $320,000, but with 32 days to go, it already has almost $73,000 pledged by 413 backers. To learn more about City of Titans, visit their Kickstarter.

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