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Chrono Trigger Confirmed for North American Virtual Console


We recently reported that Chrono Trigger was listed as a future release for PlayStation 3 and PSP. The news spread when the game was listed on the ESRB's website. It looks like Sony's consoles aren't the only ones obtaining the classic RPG from Square Enix, though. Chrono Trigger is set for release on the Wii Virtual Console.

News of the game's multiple releases was indicated by the ESRB once again, where the game received an E10+ rating for mild fantasy violence. But forget ratings. All everyone cares about is that the original Super Nintendo version of Chrono Trigger is faithfully ported to the Virtual Console.

The game had been confirmed for release in Japan, and gamers were wondering whether the title would see a re-launch in North America. Our wish has been granted. If you've hoped that the SNES version would eventually be ported to Nintendo's retro download service, this news must bring joy to your little gamer heart.

A specific date and pricing details are currently unknown, though Chrono Trigger is expected to land for 900 Wii Points ($9). Though that's $1 more than most SNES games, that was the game's pricing in Japan. Good things are always more expensive. It seems Nintendo's going to squeeze some more life out of their shiny little console until "Project Cafe" launches.

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