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Chrono Trigger and Mega Man X Finally Headed to Virtual Console


Nintendo has been steadily updating the Wii's Virtual Console with golden oldies, and today they announced that Japanese gamers will be able to download Chrono Trigger in April. The game will cost 900 Wii points ($9), a premium download. The time-twisting game's DS remake fared well in 2008, and the price for the Wii version probably won't hinder sales, considering the game's acclaim.

Two other games will be released: Mega Man X and the Hadouken ships for the standard 800 Wii points price ($8) and a NeoGeo ROM of King of the Monsters 2 will also be available for 900 Wii points. That's two premium prices, a fee usually reserved for games imported from other regions, and one standard for April's games.

There's no news on international release dates, but the three games will most likely be headed to the West in a couple of months. That allows plenty of time for FAQs to be made, as well as the almost-certain flaws that will appear in such timeless classics.

It's a small release for the Virtual Console, but the two big names of Chrono Trigger and Mega Man X make up for it.

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