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Chrono Trigger PSN Bound This Tuesday


Remember when Chrono Trigger landed on the Wii Virtual Console a while back? Well, the PlayStation Network is going to get the iconic RPG soon, too. According to the PlayStation Blog, the PlayStation version of the game is headed to Sony’s download platform.

Gamers can expect the title to drop on October 4. That’s this Tuesday for those of you who refuse to look at a calendar. So now you have another reason to be totally stoked over the weekend as you wait for next week to begin.

For a lot of gamers, the addition of Chrono Trigger to the PlayStation Network means a chance to relive one of the best RPG experiences ever crafted. For others, it will provide a chance to finally play the game for the first time. Let that sink in, folks, and enjoy it!

Oh, and if you’d rather be playing Chrono Cross, you may not have to wait that long. At least that’s what Square Enix Product Manager Charles McCarter said in the comments section of the post. So you can add that to the lengthy list of reasons to be excited about being a gamer during this awesome season full of incredible releases.

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