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Christmas for Heroes: A Fictional Holiday Story


The following is a work of fiction, culled from the collaborative and creative minds of writers (in order of appearance) Matt Eberle, Code Cowboy, Angelina Sandoval, Rob Watkins, Anise Hollingshead, Natalie Romano, Mike David, Louis Bedigian and Michael Lafferty. It is intended for entertainment purposes.


Christmas for Heroes

Chapter 1: The Edge of a Crisis

The dull clatter of wooden swords striking one another echoed through the dojo. Fierce battle cries and derisive calls seemed at odds with the festive decorations scattered around the open room. A tiny tree stood in the corner, its slowly blinking lights casting a small circle of joy in shades of green, red, yellow, and blue. Streamers hung from the rafters along with a few stray pieces of mistletoe. Sitting in a corner, safely removed from any mistletoe, Conan watched the duel.

Link was wielding a practice sword constructed of heavy wood. His shield was covered with a piece of neon pink foam padding that clashed garishly with his green tunic and the Santa-trimmed hat perched on his head. The young hero took a single swipe with his sword before being forced back. Link quickly turned to the defensive, using his shield and blade to form an impenetrable defense. Zero was taking great swipes with the two-handed practice sword he was using. The Maverick Hunter’s sword seemed like a flicker of lightning. It shot this way and that, slashing and thrusting. With both hands on the grip Zero was using his powerful “muscles” to their utmost to try and get ahead of his mortal opponent.

“You’re trying too hard,” Link shouted over the clatter of their weapons. “Relax and just accept things as they happen.”

“I make things happen,” Zero shot back, delivering a punishing overhead blow to Link’s shield. Link grinned and proceeded to let Zero force him down onto one knee. His shield was raised, holding back Zero’s sword as the reploid struggled to force his way through Link’s defense.

“That’s when you leave yourself open!” Link cried. He shifted his weight slightly, causing Zero’s sword to scrape off his shield and slam in to the floor. At the same moment, Link spun in a fierce circle. His practice blade slammed into the back of Zero’s ankles. Off-balance from the sudden maneuver the Maverick Hunter was caught unprepared. Zero’s feet shot out from under him. He crashed to the ground heavily.

“You could have a point,” Zero conceded.

“So, why do you keep asking for these practice bouts if you’re not learning anything?” Link quipped.

“I am learning,” Zero replied with a grin. “And you’re one of the best swordsmen out there. You’ve got more experience than almost anyone else.” The reploid climbed to his feet before continuing. “I just think that fighting with these toy swords is a waste. If I had my Z-saber you wouldn’t have won so easily. With the Sigma Blade you’d be in serious trouble.”

“Sure,” Link agreed. “So why don’t you get one of those, I’ll get the Master Sword and my bag of tricks,” the Hylian laughed. He leaned back and rested his hand on his hip where his magic pouch usually hung.

“Uh, let’s save that for later,” Zero said quickly. “I want to be in top form tomorrow, so no nicks or dings.”

“What is tomorrow?” Conan demanded. The other two swordsmen started at the sudden interruption.

“I’m sparring with X,” Zero replied after a moment.

“Oh, now the truth comes out,” Link teased.

“And this is the victory you train so hard for?” Conan asked.

“Well, yes. He’s my biggest rival. Winning a sparring match with him means I can tease him for weeks!”

“Bah, that is not victory,” the Cimmerian laughed as Zero and Link began putting their sparring gear away.

“Are you sure it isn’t so you can look good in front of the other Maverick Hunters? Or maybe you just want to impress Layer,” Link said slyly.

“You should talk,” Zero laughed. He reached into Link’s gym bag, ignoring the other hero’s yelp of protest, and extracted a single twig of mistletoe. “Think no one will notice this going missing from the dojo? Or do you not have any mistletoe handy at home?”

Link blushed furiously. “It’s not what it looks like!”

Conan shook his head. “I’m still not convinced you children know what real victory is.”

“Victory is getting to the Maverick before X,” Zero replied quickly. “The Mavericks these days just aren’t much of a challenge,” he concluded with a sigh.

Zero turned to Link. The young Hylian shrugged, “Victory is beating the bad guy and going home to see Zelda.”

Conan laughed. “Victory is to crush your enemies, drive their developers before you and hear the lamentations of the stockholders.”

Link stared at the much larger swordsman for a long moment. “You need to lighten up, Conan. It’s the Christmas season!”

“What more would you ask of me? I have been decorating with the rest of you, singing Christmas carols with that girl, Alex, and her friend who never says anything …“

“Orange suit, goatee, and glasses?” Zero interrupted. When Conan nodded he grinned. “That’s Gordon. He never says much.”

“… I have sung Christmas carols, and I have given presents.” Conan crossed his arms across his chest and glowered down at the smaller swordsmen.

“Looks like someone needs to watch ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ again,” Link said to Zero with a perfectly straight face. The mirth dancing in his eyes belied the calm, even tone he used.

Whatever Zero tried to say in response was cut off by the sound of the dojo doors being flung open as if struck by a battering ram. The wooden panels bounced off the walls with a heavy boom before wobbling closed. Sitting in the entryway was a small golden ball of light. “I’ve been looking all over for you, Link!” Navi practically yelled. “What have you been doing here? There’s an emergency going on!”

Link looked at his sometimes traveling companion in confusion. “What could possibly be wrong? Even Ganon takes time off for Christmas.”

“You mean you don’t know?” Navi screeched. “That’s it - the three of you are coming with me right this minute!”

“Now just hold on …“ Zero began. His voice was cut off with a sudden popping sound as the tiny fairy’s teleportation spell whisked the four of them away.

_ _ _

The familiar walls of the dojo vanished and were replaced by what seemed like smoke made from lights. It was as if they had stepped into a vacuum and had no contact with solid objects. Traveling on the wind, with a peculiar scent of sulfur, lavender and even a whisk of perfume. Link merely closed his eyes and a smile beamed as he “enjoyed the ride,” leaning closer to Navi, as he knew the most secure position was closest to the source of the spell. His friends looked far less at ease and seemed to be grasping for something solid to steady themselves, but such an effort was futile within the churning vapors of a horizontal freefall. What seemed to take an eternity was actually over within seconds of its beginning, and they were once again on solid ground, without the lightest remnant of the chaos that had just ensued.

They were now standing on firm, dusty ground with nothing but distant rust-orange mountains jutting towards the sky in the horizon. They stood there regaining their bearings and trying to comprehend what had just happened, but the silence was short-lived.

“What… the… ?” Zero began slowly, but was cut off by the sound of the iconic Cimmerian dropping to one knee and trying his best to contain a choking cough that seemed to be on the verge of becoming something more … solid. Though they couldn’t help but stare in whimsical wonder, they all felt compassion at the sight of the great warrior being brought to the verge of sickness from their quick celestial journey.

“I think,” said Navi, “The question is not ‘What,’ but rather ‘Where?”

Link, being far less disoriented than the others, quickly interjected “Ok, Where are we? why are we here? and I suggest you get right to it as our friend here is not used to ‘porting’ and is likely to be in a very poor mood rather quickly,” gesturing with an open hand to the slowly rising Conan.

As if answering, the hulking barbarian managed a mumbled “Crom …” before bending forward again in discomfort. Though knowing well enough to not actually make contact, Zero reached out a hand to help steady Conan, should he sway too far one way and start to topple.

Navi, again oblivious to such matters, put away a fistful of charms he had been holding, then patted his chest as if checking inventory of something hidden beneath his garb.

“Yes, well, we are here, and here is a place called Sierra. The exact time is not as important as it is to know that we are here because if we were not, then tomorrow would have little meaning to thousands of champions all over Earth. In Sierra time is everywhere. One step over there and you are in yesterday, the same amount of steps in this direction will take you back to when we arrived,” Navi said with confidence, as he pointed to various positions around them.

What little of Zero’s patience existed was now gone. He turned to Link and accusingly asked him if any of this made sense to him.

“I think,” Link began, “if I understand you correctly, that this is a dimension that allows us to slip in and out of time, instead of teleporting?” Just the word “teleporting” caused the now vertical Conan to tense up in a challenging “I dare you” kind of posture.

“OK, so we’re in a shifting dimension in the middle of nowhere. I get that. Now tell us the ‘why’ part?” Zero said with annoyance.

“I don’t know how you have all missed out on what’s been going on, but there’s a serious crisis going on, and the folks at the North Pole need our help.” started Navi, “Santa is not going to be able to deliver any of the newest games this season. They seem to have gone ‘missing,’ and no one knows where they are. They are trying to find them, but unless they do so before midnight, the big guy will be unable to deliver valuable games to old and young players all over the planet. If you knew him like we do, you’d know how distraught he is right now”.

Conan, now fully alert, towering and impatient, asserted “Santa. Ha! What good is this man? We did not need him, and we certainly did not need pitiful games to play with! We played with our weapons and made-pretend war and how to crush our enemies! Toys?!”

“Well” Link started as he snuck a quick glance at the posturing Conan, “that explains a lot. Navi, am I to understand that we are supposed to go looking for games that someone misplaced? I’m going out on a limb, here, but I kind of side with big boy, here. There are other things besides games. Why not deliver some extra candy, instead?”

Navi was now impatient and agitated. “This is more than that, and no — we are not looking for the missing games. We have Carmen SanDiego, Lara Croft, the Prince of Persia and some others working on that mission. Heck, when Sonic heard they went missing, he was rolling out the door before I could even teleport him,” recalling that event made Navi, for a moment, break a smile. “For these players, the games may be the only thing they wanted. Some people need them to help them develop their thinking or coordination abilities.”

That made Zero pause for a moment. He recalled the lonely hours on recon missions when there was nothing to do but wait. He wanted to keep his mind sharp and alert. In those times, he would dig into his tactical bag and pull out his handheld chess game to while away the hours. That seemed to break the ice in his heart, and he understood the gravity of the situation.

“So”, Zero started “if we are not the ones looking for the games, why are we here?”

Knowing he had Zero’s attention, and Link would be onboard no matter what the mission, Navi elaborated, “Games of all kinds have been envisioned, created and played for centuries on Earth. There are thousands that are still out there,” gesturing to the plains of Sierra. “We hope that the Recovery Team can find the new games, but we need to have a backup plan in case they run out of time. We’re here to find the games from yesterday. I will bring more of your peers here to assist, but we must get going immediately. Traversing Sierra will enable you to slip in and out of the cracks of time. Everything ever created is here. The only problem with this portal is that there is no known map. You will have to follow clues and ask those you find along the way”.

This surprised Conan. “There are people here? They live here?”

Not wishing to insult the massive Cimmerian, Navi only said “This place is a large rip of the Universe’s fabric. Not just people, but other things slip in and out — constantly. Some stay, while others only pop in for a brief look and return to their own time or place”. Navi waited for Conan to get angry and push for more answers, but thankfully, he seemed content to let it go for now. Perhaps there was something in the warrior’s heart that knew how important this mission is.

“You said ‘other things’. What the heck does that mean?” Zero seemed tense again. “You know, we aren’t exactly packing a lot of punch, here” he said as he presented the wooden sword as if for inspection.

This also made Link painfully aware of his missing bag and silly-looking shield. With that realization, he took off the neon pink padding. “At least I have … this. I’ve done pretty well with it in the past”.

Navi started to say something else, but suddenly grabbed his garb — which covered the article beneath it. He reached in and pulled out a stone attached to a leather string. The crude necklace was glowing bright green. “I have to go. I have found another hero. Get started. Find as many gifts as you can.” He handed a small bag to Link. “Drop one of these markers wherever you find something. That will enable someone to locate it later — and pick it up for delivery”.

Link looked in the bag, which seemed to contain hundreds of tiny orange pebbles. He knows not to question magical articles, and just closed the bag before tucking it away, safely. No map, unfamiliar terrain and anything could be out there — to help or hinder — their mission. Sounds like another day looking for Zelda.

Navi seemed to collect himself and stepped away from the others. Softening a bit, he turned to Conan and just said “Sorry about all that. I guess I have to work on my barbarian skills.” Conan just nodded at the pseudo-apology and stepped farther back than the others were standing.

“Good luck. Link can reach me if I am needed. I will get you more help. Christmas needs you. Be safe.” His eyes closed, silent words poured from his lips and in a flash, he was gone.

Link, Zero and Conan stood for a moment, absorbing the situation. Link was the first to speak, “Well, which way should we go?”

The words were barely out of his mouth when Conan started walking off briskly. “This way. Crom will protect me and we will complete our mission”.

Weaponless, Zero knew you don’t argue with the big man. He and Link stepped quickly to catch up.

Check back tomorrow for Chapter 2 of the Christmas for Heroes

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