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Chloë Grace Moretz prefers PS3 to Xbox 360

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Chloë Grace Moretz, the talented actress in Kick-Ass 2 and Carrie, recently had an interview with Collider at New York Comic-Con. Among the many things that Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub and Chloë talked about was video games. More specifically, whether she prefers the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360. She considers herself a gamer, and she was "freaking out" when Arcane Studios asked her to voice the Emporess in Dishonored. She's also going to be getting Assassin's Creed III.

As far as the PS3 versus Xbox 360, Moretz said, "PS3, I know. It's a little blasphemous, right?" When Weintraub said that choosing either works, she continued, "I know, but gamers freak out sometimes."

They then got into which system is better for what. While it was agreed that the Xbox 360 is better for online gaming, she said that she likes "the controller and the graphics better on the PS3. I'm less of an online gamer and more of a strategizing, go through the missions gamer. That's more my thing." I don't really know what that means, but okay.

That's not to say she totally ignores the Microsoft console, as her brother has a 360 in the same house. She likes the Xbox for Halo, much like everyone else. One thing that she and the interviewer both agreed on is that the Nintendo Wii really isn't for them. When Steve said that he's "not really a Wii person," Moretz responded, after making a weird face, "yea, Wii's fun. Wii Tennis is fun. But I need a controller. I don't wanna use my arms."

There's a ton more to the interview, including more about the complexity of gaming, that you can watch at Collider. One thing's for sure, we know where this celebrity stands in the console war. If only he asked her about the Wii U. Seriously, who talks about the Wii anymore?

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