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Chivalry expansion pits six of history’s notorious’ warriors against each other


Chivalry is definitely a game I picked up during this recent Steam Summer Sale with no regrets. Just getting a bunch of friends together to spam yells while running into enemy lines to get every possible limb cut off with a halberd is remarkably fun; so much accidental team killing. Well good news, the game is getting a brand new expansion called Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Spike TV and Chivalry have jumped into bed together. This expansion will add six new character classes to the game. So far the only two announced have been the Samurai and the Spartan. Headed to PAX Prime this weekend? You can try these two classes out at booth #3636.

“We are very excited to expand upon the foundation of Chivalry and bring dynamic melee combat to all new eras.  For us it is an opportunity to explore completely new warrior types, environments and weapons and add them to the already expansive Chivalry content while still supporting the base game,” says Steve Piggott, president of Torn Banner Studios.  “The Deadliest Warrior show asks one core question – if the greatest warriors from throughout history fought it out, who would win? Now we are bringing that decision to gamers as they get to vote for their faction with the swing of their sword, determining once and for all who is deadliest!”

Dan Yang, General Manager of 345 Games adds: “We’re excited about pairing the unique concept of Deadliest Warrior with a game that offers such a rich combat experience.  Our console games have provided fans of Deadliest Warrior with hugely entertaining single-player action in arena-based battles.  This expansion pack allows us to inject the Deadliest Warrior conflict into an entirely new multi-player, multi-era world to create the only first-person slasher of its kind.  We’re certain the resulting combat will be as intense as the warriors themselves.”

Deadliest Warrior will be coming to Steam this fall for $14.99 at an unannounced date. I’d be lying if I said back in high school history class if we didn’t get out teacher off tangents about ‘who would win in a fight’ scenarios. Knight vs. Samurai was one of my all-time favorites, well, now I can relive the experience.     

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