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Chiptunes go live at Blip Festival 2012 in NYC

It may not be the craze Dubstep is, but Chiptune music is bigger than ever. 8-bit bleeps and bloops can be found squirreled away in some of today's most popular songs. But if you want to experience pure chiptune bliss first-hand, you'll probably want to be in New York City on the weekend of May 25th. That's the weekend the Gramercy Theater will be taken over by the glitchy sounds of Blip Festival 2012 for three nights of fun.
I managed to catch a bit of the event last year and I was blown away by this music in a live setting. As recordings, chiptune songs are generally pretty tame, but in a bass-thumping live venue-setting this music seems to take on a new life. "Dance club of the future" would be an apt description of the Blip Fest.
Tickets for the event are still available and while the line-up isn't finalized, the list features a wide variety of artists. If you're feeling bold you can even grab a three-day pass and immerse yourself in total chiptune madness. There are even events going on during the day, such as workshops, screenings, and more.
For a full line-up of bands, tickets, and more info, check out
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