Chinese pest control is both very different and very awesome

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I think my favorite part about this Chinese news report is that the anchor is in a military uniform.  Regardless, when there is an extremely pesky and ginormous wasp nest terrorizing a village – what is the only logical move against it?  If you guessed chemicals, apiarists, or pest control people, boy are you WAY off!

The correct answer is having the Chinese military take care of it.  They can’t have wasps stinging their villagers after all.  How though?  How about with a military grade flamethrower; because that’s how it was done.  A few well aimed streams of fire and those wasps are no longer bothering anyone.  I especially like how that one guy’s job is to stabilize the hose with his shoulder.  I can’t imagine that NOT being extremely hot.  That’s dedication… or madness. 

Fire cleanses everything.  Like the wise have said in the past, “kill it with fire.”  Am I the only one why thought of the Dragon Tank from Command and Conquer: Generals?      


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