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Chinese gamer purchases $16,000 virtual sword



DLC is the new money-making model in the world of MMOs, filling up game servers with cheapskate players while letting the sharks among them drop money on premium content. Some still wonder whether or not this model will prove to be lucrative in the long run, though one Chinese gamer has given hope to purveyors of premium content after blowing a record $16,000 on a virtual sword for a game that isn't even out yet.

Age of Wulin, from Chinese MMO developers gPotato, allows players to live out their ultimate Kung-Fu fantasies throughout the game's sprawling realms, all inspired by ancient Chinese history. In anticipation of release, gPotato held an item auction, allowing gamers to bid on powerful virtual goods which will give them a bit of an advantage over their competition once the game launches. Most items sold in-line with expectations, pre-paid game cards for about $15, limited enhancement materials for $30. But once a special hook weapon went for $1,600 followed by a special spear sheathe for $2,500, it seems that all sanity left the building.

As of writing, we do not have the name of the lucky winner, seen here holding a plaque which commemerates the day he parted with this ungodly sum of money so that he could dominate a video game he's never even played. We can be sure he'll be easy to spot online though, as he renders swift and powerful vengence on his foes using the ungodly power these money sinks allow him.

I think we'll stick to WoW for the time being...


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