China to Get a Blizzard Theme Park

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There seems to be some truth to the Blizzard theme park rumor, as photos of work-in-progress have surfaced. The park, which features rides based on Starcraft and Warcraft, is being constructed in China's Wunjin district and will feature five themed sections: Terrain of Warcraft, Universe of StarCraft, Island of Mystery, Moles World, and World of Legend.

The park, named Joyland, was supposed to open in March, but construction photos suggest it won't be ready anytime soon. Concept art suggests it will be quite an ambitious place, though. Rollercoasters and rides abound, and the five distinct areas actually resemble the different colorful zones in World of Warcraft.

The park has no apparent affiliation with Blizzard, though amusement park creators in China have used licensed characters without permission before. It'll be interesting to see how the project pans out.

The only question is, why didn't Korea jump on this first? Surely someone must have thought to make a Starcraft theme park there, considering their passion for the game. Of course, that would be a lot like building a Superbowl-themed roller coaster in the U.S.


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